5 tips to Lose Belly Fat and Stay Healthy

Obesity is one of the major diseases that has all of the world worried. I’m going to be showing you 5 ways to not only lose belly fat, but to also continue to stay healthy throughout your life.

  1. Eat a High Protein Diet: High protein foods, such as fish, lean meat and beans, are the perfect choice if you’re trying to shed some extra pounds.
  2. Do aerobic exercises: Going on the treadmill, taking a power walk, or riding a bike for 60 minutes at least 3 days a week will easily help reduce your weight.
  3. Cut back on Carbs: Cut down on soda and desert intake. Do we really need to eat that big tub of ice cream in our freezer? We can do without them sometimes.
  4. Get lots of sleep!: Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
  5. Don’t eat dinner too late: Eating late at night is not good for weight loss.

10 Tips on Managing Stress

Stress is everywhere we go, at work, school, home! Stress is annoying, exhausting, and, well, Stressful, but never fear, the tip doctor is here! Here are 10 different ways to relieve your stress!

  1. Listen to music: Playing calm music can ease your stress and even lower your blood pressure!
  2. Breathe easy: This actually works very well in stressful situations. Simply breathing in and out can calm you down while undergoing stress.
  3. Sleep longer: Sleeping 8 hours or more can really help during stressful times. Sleeping better helps you get the rest you need to boost yourself through the day.
  4. Talk about your problems: Talking it out with someone can really help you let it all out and get the support you need.
  5. Eliminate/Reduce your Triggers: This is a really big one for people in school. If you are too stressed over having way too many assignments, it could be because your procrastinating. Make sure that you are very organized so that you know exactly when an assignment is due and how/when you plan to complete it.
  6. Take a Break: People also have big issues with over working themselves. Make sure that you are taking enough breaks, but not slacking off too much.
  7. Take a Walk: Walking helps you feel better about yourself and gets your mind off of the stack of papers laying on your desk for a while.
  8. Do what you actually like to do: Playing soccer or doing whatever you like to do helps calm you down and relieves your stress.
  9. Embrace your mistakes: Take your mistakes as a lesson, but don’t dwell over them! Also make sure that you are not focusing on how to be perfect because no one is perfect!
  10. Have a stress diary: This is pretty similar to talking to someone. Having a stress diary also helps you get all your stress out.

I hope this helped some of you cope with stress. This has been the Daily Tea. Remember! Stay lively, loving, and learning.

Opening Post

Welcome to the Daily Tea! This blog is about the basic tips and hacks of everyday life, but today I will simply be writing about myself and how this blog works! My name is Precious Igbokwe and I am a middle school student. I love to read and write which is what led me to this blog in the first place. I will be providing hacks on school, home, and work life of any child, teen, or adult. That’s it for today’s post! Leave a recommendation for any future posts that you would like to see from me.

Remember! Stay lively, loving, and learning.